Passing the variable value into the invoke workflow

How to pass the variable value from workflow to invoke workflow.
I have two workflow and I want to call the variable in the main workflow using invoke activity , but Its not working and gives me wrong answer.
Kindly help me to resolve this problem.

In the invoked workflow please create arguments of what ever type you want and then in main workflow when using invoe workflow file activity to invoke the workflow please pass what variable you want to pass to the argument the argument type should be in if you are passing from from workflow to other and argument type should be out if you are taking the value from other workflow.

Let us know if this helps.
Pavan H

thanks @pavanh003 we have already done this, but we does not get any right solution. if you have another solution for this so please help us.

Hi, maybe check a couple of things:

  • the file path to the invoked file is correct
  • data type of the variable being passed in matches the argument type
  • maybe write line or message box the value at the start of the invoked workflow so you know it’s being passed in.

If that doesn’t help perhaps send a screenshot of the invoked file arguments and the variables of the invoke activity?

attach the screenshot of the invoked flow and also the variable types that you are passing this will help us in understanding more clear on the issue.
Pavan H

thanks @Maria_Nolan
can you pls give me the example about it, because I am not able to get the solution.


@Meenakshi6246 you will need to show us what you currently have as we cannot tell if you’re on the right track. Please grab the screenshots that I previously requested. Thanks.

due to some security issue i m not able to send the screenshot. if it is possible please send me the workflow .

I have attached a very basic example of invoking a workflow file. So in your project you need to do something similar where you need to know if your variable is being passed in correctly.

InvokedFile.xaml (4.1 KB)
Main.xaml (3.9 KB)

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thanks @Maria_Nolan now its working correctly.

Good to hear @Meenakshi6246. Did my example help?

@Maria_Nolan yes,thanks for help , just because of your solution now i able to understand that how to implement the arguments.thank you.

Cheers, please feel free to mark it as solved.

done…apologies for delay

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