Passing string variable to get value from Jobject

Hello fellow automation enthusiasts,
I am having issues with a propably simple error.

As input i have a .json file.
I’m using the “Read Text File” activity to read and store it as a String.
I then, using the “Deserialize JSON” activity, generate a JObject.
This works. So far, so good.
Now if i want to select a specific Value from JObject i could use a statement like:
This also works! Wuhu!

Now comes the part that doesnt work.
I need to pass (“identifications”)(0)(“identificationStatus”)(“status”) as a string variable.
For example:

tmp_Key = “(”“identifications”“)(0)(”“identificationStatus”“)(”“status”“)”

This returns the following error message

RemoteException wrapping System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Im assuming it has something to do with not correctly escaping quotes. I’ve fiddled with different ways using " instead of “”. But nothing worked.

I’m grateful for every suggestions on how to fix this.
Thank you!

welcome to the forum

navigates through the different elements till the status property

Jobject(“(”“identifications”“)(0)(”“identificationStatus”“)(”“status”“)”) looks fo a long key (which not exists) but is not doing the navigation. Therfore no element is returned

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Hi Peter,
thanks for the quick response!
Is there a way to navigate and retrieve elements using a string variable or am i fighting a loosing battle?

give a try on working with selectToken:

Thanks for the hint Peter!
Using selectToken with the following String


worked like a charm!
Thank you for the fast help and have a nice day! =)

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