Get values from JSON Object

Hi All,

I want to retrieve values from below JObject (results from deserialize JSON activity)
The ones underlined in red are key value pairs. e.g. I want to get value of ‘first_name’ as tester

The content looks like this:

Please if anyone can help on this.


@Palaniyappan Hi, Can you please help? I am stuck on this :frowning:

give a try at

deserialize JSON activity - output: myJObject

Assign activity:
LHS: strTester

(From jo In myJObject("result").Values(Of JObject)
Where jo("sc_item_option.value").Value(Of String).Equals("tester")
Select x = jo("").Value(Of String)).First()

if possible maybe you can share some sample data json with us for cross checks

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Thanks for the solution.

This is giving me result as “first_name”

I need to pass key as “first_name” and value should be “tester”
Same for the key “last_name”, I am looking to get the value “test 30-Nov-2021”
I need to retrieve values of 10 keys here.


was mentioned above

maybe you want to swap the filter logic, look for name, get the value. So just swap where and select keys

(From jo In myJObject("result").Values(Of JObject)
Where jo("").Value(Of String).Equals(YourFilterStringVar)
Select x = jo("sc_item_option.value").Value(Of String)).First()

Thanks so very much :slight_smile:

Worked perfectly

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