Passing String as Parameter in SQL Query

This may be confusing but I am hoping someone can help. So I am trying to pass a string variable into an SQL query but I believe the quotes are messing it up. For example:

When I don’t use a parameter and I just pass in the values (‘dog’),(‘cat’) it works fine. But when I build that same string into a variable to use as a parameter (AnimalString), it adds double quotes around the string that seem to be causing the issue.

Can anyone help with this? Thanks


Set Parameters (as strings) in the relevant collection argument. Make sure that names match of course.

I do have the parameter set as a string

what do you mean when i pass the valueS, is it a string or not? cause if it is string then you have to pass one value…

I am trying to pass in values to a SQL column. So when I pass them in individually like (‘dog’),(‘cat’) it works fine. But when I build a string “(‘dog’),(‘cat’)” and store it as the parameter AnimalString to be passed into the query…the double quotes (from it being a String datatype instead of just text) cause an issue

this string looks wrong… what are those ( and )… also those apostrophes should be escaped with one more in each…

The parentheses and apostrophes are required since this is being used in a SQL query. That is the SQL syntax

The string I build to pass in as a parameter prints out exactly how I want it to look. The issue comes because it is being passed in as a string, so double quotes are placed around it which causes an issue

just send like this: "(''dog''),(''ca'')"

That does not seem to help. When I give include (‘dog’),(‘cat’) in the SQL query, it works fine. But when I attempt to assign that same string to a variable and pass it in as a parameter, it causes an issue. Does that help to explain?

not really… do you have a string column in your database and you want to have values like (‘dog’),(‘cat’) right? if you have a sql procedure to insert them and one of your variables should take a string with that, then what is the result inside that column?

Yes I want to add those values to the column of a temp table and then complete a join with that temp table and another table. The result of the join is skewed because of the quotes. I know it is confusing though. Thank you for your help

did u solve?same problem here

You can either concatenate the string with the parameters, but this approach may open you for SQL injection vulnerability.

A better way is to leverage SQL query parameters.
If you use ODBC connection simply replace each parameter in the SQL query with “?”
SELECT * FROM tblName WHERE arg1=? and arg2=?
(for SQL Server driver use SELECT * FROM tblName WHERE arg1=@param1_name and arg2=@param2_name

Then create two parameters (Name does not matter for ODBC connection) ordered as in the query.

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I never solved m issue exactly. I ended up passing each item in individually, running the join, and then concatenating the results of all the individual joins together

Thanks a lot. This worked for me as a solution with ODBC connection. I am surprised to know that depending on your connection type the query language needs to be adapted. May be I am too ignorant and so I am amused. Anyway, thanks a ton!