String format error


I want to keep a SQL code in a string variable. I will pass the variable as a type into activity in browser.

Since the SQL already has “” in it’s showing compilation error. SS are attached. Kindly suggest how can I store an SQL code in string variable:

Hope this might help:

Hi this does not answer my query.

I have a SQL code snippet of the below format:

FROM table
WHERE date < todate(date , “dd/mm/yyyy”)

Now I want to store the above in a variable. How should I do it, if I put in string due to “dd/mm/yyyy” this will come as an error.

Thanks. Hope I have explained my situation.

Hi @shrayud

Kindly try the below and let me know whether it’s working or not.

Example: {name:"“Your_wording_here”"},

Give two double quotes each and try.


Hi Vinesh,

This is still not working.