Inserting Rows into SQL Table

Can anyone please attempt entering rows into an SQL table using a string parameter as the values for the rows? I can not get this to work because of the double quotes around the string causing an issue.

I have a table of one column and am trying to enter row values into the column using a string parameter.

This is an example of what I am trying to do:

Hi @jpreziuso

What’s the issue that you are facing? Can you share a screenshot of what you have already done and the error you get?

Fine we can use EXECUTE QUERY activity inside the FOR EACH ROW activity with datatable variable in it

Where to the INSERT activity we can pass the value as a variable like this
—inside the for each row loop use a assign activity and mention like
str_value = row(“yourcolumnname”).ToString
The pass this as input variable in the sql statement like this
INSERT Into SqlDataTable (Column1,Column2) values (@ variable1,@variable2)

Where we need to install UiPath.Database package from design tab -> Manage Packages -> Official tab -> search for above package and install it

Cheers @jpreziuso

When I attempt to use a string parameter and pass it into the SQL query, this is the result

But when I put the same string into the query, not as a parameter. It works and adds the values to the table as rows like it should

For the sake of my project, these values have to be added as a parameter because the values will constantly change

isnt this the same as this? Passing String as Parameter in SQL Query it becomes harder to help if you make multiple of the same questions…

No one was able to help so I made a new thread that was more specific. I’m asking for people to try it on their own machine instead of just giving advice

to be honest is hard to understand in the other post, but now you are explaining what you really need… if you want to use as parameter several values, then just change the type from String to String Array…