Passing of bearer token in postman via restapi

Hi All,
i am retrieving bearer token from Postman via restapi call from uipath.
i have to use that token to pass it on with a query to Postman via restapi only but i am unable to do so. Can you all please help me in this.


It will provide response as json format right. And then use Deserialize Json activity to get required data from it.

@lakshman Hi, i have used deserialize json to get the access/bearer token from postman, but again i have to pass the same token to postman to fetch the status of a order via restapi. So here i am not getting how to pass this token value.

You have to pass that token in a new request, then make sure you go to Authorization tab and under type select, “Bearer Token” which will give a new field on right-hand side labelled as a token. You have to put your previous bearer token here.

Hopefully, this will help.

Hi @abhaygtm
On uipath you can try like this

or if you try to send the bearer token on postman ,follow @saimahmad1234 post

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it works pretty well. thanks @amiya

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Worked for me.

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