REST API Integration with UiPath - Need to obtain the Bearer access_token

Actually am struggling with UiPath REST API Integration with Oauth2, can you help me out on this? I need to authenticate with a Bearer access token, with client id and client secret, am not sure how to configure it with UiPath, can you guys please help me out on this, if you have samples please send them.

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Thank you @marian.platonov for the same, and in the authentication, I need to give as follows:
Also, how can I handle refresh tokens in UiPath? it’s a dynamic one and I need to refresh every 5 minutes. Can you guide me on this?

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You can add the access_token in the headers something like

Note: AccessTokenString = “Bearer your_access_token_value”

The refresh token has the same principle as I illustrated above in the screenshots. Just adapt the Parameters.

@marian.platonov I got a response thank you very much for this. Can you explain a bit more on refresh tokens? Am still not clear on this…

Adapt your refresh_token Rest API call to the HTTP Request activity.

@marian.platonov thank you. It’s working well.

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