Passing parameter from Queue Trigger

I have created a queue trigger on a queue in Orchestrator.

Queue item contains data fields “First Name” and “Age”.

When item is added to the queue, I want to execute a process which takes parameter “firstName”, containing the value of the added queueitems “First Name” field.

How do I define this in the Triggers’ parameter property?

Thanks (hopefully)


The only way I see it is to trigger a “dispatcher” that will invoke Orchestrator’s API’s StartJob. The StartJob activity doesn’t allow you to add parameter like the API does.

Not sure I understand.

When I set up the Trigger in Orchestrator, I can type in “Joe” in the parameter value, and “Joe” will be passed to my process. But I don’t want to always pass “Joe”, i want to pass whatever value is in the added QueueItems “First name” field.

So, in the value field when setting up the Trigger, instead of “Joe”, I want something like: queueItem(“First name”), to make it dynamic.

I think I understood what you wanted but as far as I know, you can’t, that’s why I’m pointing you to a workaround.

@jjes I am not sure about the Trigger parameter’s if it is going to accept only the values provided from the Orchestrator, But since you’re adding items to Queue that will trigger another Process, In that process you can use Get Transaction Item and take the Value from the QueueItem for processing.

@supermanPunch But in a perfect world, since you can already pass a parameter from the Trigger, it could pass the QueueItem that triggered it, but maybe that’s an upcoming release :wink:

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@msan, Ah okay. Haven’t gone down the API route yet, will have to look into it. Thanks man.