Custom Input - Passing data from HTML form to Uipath

Hi all,
I have a selection drop down list in html form which i invoked using custom input activity. I want selected input from drop-down list to be accessed in uipath also (for further excel activities).

attaching SS of my form herewith, its working fine. here β€œP11” need to access in uipath. this month value is stored in a variable of javascript.Is there any way to access that variable or is it possible to pass that variable to uipath.
If anyone knows .kindly help me out!:innocent:
Find Here an example and have closer Look on the Javascript Part setresult for returning the Form data

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Yes, you can pass the data from html to uipath. To achieve this you need to write the java script in your custom html.

    function OnSelect()
        var selectedOption = document.getElementById("Your_Id_Name").value;
        return true;

β€œYour_Id_Name” is a value of your id attribute.

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Thanks A lot !!!:heart_eyes:

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