Custom Input - Passing data from HTML form to Uipath

Hi all,
I have a selection drop down list in html form which i invoked using custom input activity. I want selected input from drop-down list to be accessed in uipath also (for further excel activities).

attaching SS of my form herewith, its working fine. here β€œP11” need to access in uipath. this month value is stored in a variable of javascript.Is there any way to access that variable or is it possible to pass that variable to uipath.
If anyone knows .kindly help me out!:innocent:
Find Here an example and have closer Look on the Javascript Part setresult for returning the Form data

Yes, you can pass the data from html to uipath. To achieve this you need to write the java script in your custom html.

    function OnSelect()
        var selectedOption = document.getElementById("Your_Id_Name").value;
        return true;

β€œYour_Id_Name” is a value of your id attribute.

Thanks A lot !!!:heart_eyes:

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