Pass multiple data from one workflow to other

I just want to know i am able to pass one argument from one workflow to another. but how can i pass multiple argument from one workflow it another as it is displaying only last value of one workflow.
Thanks Vaneet

Hi @vaneet_kumar,

Check out the following links, see if these work for you.

Hope it helps


You do not need to do this with a complex way like that. Just use “add to the variable” for the variables you need in the next workflow. Then use “get var” to get the complete variable and “run workflow” it will give the text, list, pictures, and all other things over to that as a complete variable (you can then use get the item from the list in the workflow you run)

Thanks all,
I know how to pass argument but i want to get display of all value through main argument.
I am attaching my workflow. now i need to get all values from excel file display through main workflow. (22.3 KB)