Partner Academy Completions Not Reflected Here

So there is the Robot Master badge thing, which should automatically be added once you complete various UiPath Academy courses, which makes sense.
For example you need to complete

I did mine however with the Parter Portal and those required courses are all included as part of a larger course, this one.

It includes both the Developer Foundation and Developer Advanced.
I have this course fully completed and the digital diploma, I also have the exam completed, yet still no badge…

It seems that you must do that specific, isolated course, in order for it to trigger and its ignoring it when its bundled.
I don’t really want to enroll in that course and redo all the stuff in it just to get this badge.

Can this please be fixed so us UiPath partners, also get recognized on the forums?


If you have registered and completed the course with the same mail id which you registered in you’ll get the badge with in 48hrs.

and also just mention in this group that you’ve completed the course in Academy. they will add you to the group and you’ll get the Junior Robot,Robot Apprentice and Robot Master.


Hi Nani,

Please read my post again. I completed the course, months ago, in the partner part of the academy, which is a separate course, I included the links.
This courses include the basic, advanced etc but are not counted by the forum.

If I check the ‘normal’ academy then it shows those course as incomplete, its all the same email account.
I shouldn’t have to redo the courses in another part of the academy to get the badge, thats my point.


I really don’t the link which you provided. i’ve completed my course from within 48 hrs i got those badges.

i don’t know about the partner portal. I think which you’ve learned it may not Official Uipath portal.

you may contact the learning support team.

Raise your issue they will get back to you


It is 100% official. The link is to the partner part of the Academy, if you look at the URL you’ll see that it is part of the, but you need to be a UiPath Partner in order to get there. This is a special status awarded to certain companies that have a business partnership with UiPath, we work with them and have special access and can resell on their behalf etc.

It requires that your company has a high level of RPA experience in all areas and there are more details courses in there than what you get in the basic, public academy. The course I linked is basically a collection of other courses and includes the ones in the public academy that you need.

The learning team are not the correct people to contact as they don’t manage these forums.
The problem is how the forums connect the badge, they are reading only the public training, I am saying they also need to read the partner portal trainings so we don’t need to do them twice in two places (I need to do it in the Partner portal for our UiPath partner status).

Anyone from the forum team that can address this please?
I don’t think the partners should be penalized here.


Can you please address this issue. I don’t have any idea about the partners!!



Guys…? Can you at least acknowledge this…?

let’s wait for @Forum_Staff. In the past, there were some system migrations and sync gaps (Partner learning platform - Academy). But we saw this also fixed. Otherwise, also feel free and get in touch with your UiPath Business Partner Contact

Hey @Jon_Smith

Sorry for a delayed response. Thank you for this valid feedback.

The correct person to bother would be me (I wrote the automation that the badge assignments).

I’ll have a look at what can be done here :slight_smile:

Awesome! Thanks Maciej.

From what I saw from the older posts your automation was a smart move, I just think us partners got overlooked. Please use my account as a test case if you like to see if any updates you do to include us work.


Once again thanks for reporting that @Jon_Smith, it’s fixed now :slight_smile:

Perfect! thanks for the quick fix Maciej, glad us partners get our badges too!

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