Parameter name: Existing connection is invalid. Please ensure the connection can be established

I am passing DB Connection variable into invoke workflow as argument but there the execute non-query activity is not working and throwing exception as shown in subject.

Please help!


For some reason the connect activity and Execute query need to be in the same flow only then it works. I have had a similar issue in the past. Not sure if this is some limitation, however as a workaround I pass the connections string and provider name as input arguments in the invoke flow. Within the flow I use the connect activity with the input arguments. This is followed by the execute query activity.

Sure ,Thats what i am doing currently . Connecting before executing query.

Thanks for the reply.

Hello @vijay.pattar

In the invoke workflow also make a connection to the DB using connection string and try the non-query. It should work.

Ok, but the Connect activity and Execute Query must be in the same flow. The argument that you need to pass into the invoke flow should be a string and not of a type DB connection.