Parallel limitation

Is there a limit for the number of activities being used simultaneously in a parallel sequence? For example, can I use 10 different Element Exists activities in one parallel?


Technically, it’s possible. However it will cause low maintainability. If possible, another approach might be better, I think.
And you also need to take care Parallel activity provide pseudo parallel execution.



Yes it is possible to include
Hope this thread would give you a better picture in how to use that activity

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My question is, can I put 10 Element Exists activities all in one parallel activity? Or is that too many processes for the application to look for simultaneously?


I think it’s possible. However, it’s not simultaneous but sequence by sequence in each lane, because of pseudo parallel. The following topic might also help you.


Yeah it is possible and there is no restriction that only these many element exists has to be used
If you have such number of elements to be validated before being accessed then go for it
Parallel activity can take it but remember parallel activity is not about running simultaneously
It just run asynchronously from left to right side and each block will get executed one after the other or get executed a block get stuck at a point

Cheers @Greg_Jacobson

If it runs asynchronously, it is still able to run multiple element exists at once, correct? Regardless of the order (left to right) I put each activity?

For example, if I use parallel after login to website to check whether 2 elements exist: either “invalid login” or “login successful”, the parallel activity is able to look for both and continue once one is found, correct?

It looks like at once but technically it runs one after the other
But your approach will work here


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