Real Parallel process execution method

HI All,

My scenario is as per below.
I have List A contain some data, comparing to a List B which download from a website.
The flow will be :

  1. login to the website
  2. search the information
  3. download the List B
  4. Comparing both List A and List B
  5. if condition met, will proceed to download files from the same website

The problem i’m facing will be at step 4, the comparing and checking part.
This comparing and checking step may take more than certain period of time, which causing the website to treat it as idle and auto log out.
I am able to create a refresh browser activity which will keep it to be active, but the problem will be, I need both processes (Browser Refresh and Comparing & Checking) to be running at the same time.

The Parallel activities doesn’t really run things together, it is executing sequence by sequence, so i’m having a hard time here. Do anyone has the same scenario and found a working solution for it?

Hi @leewaikit

May I know how are you comparing the two lists?



Can you try to extract compare routine and heartbeat logic to xaml file and call them from Invoke workflow file activity in Parallel activty as the following?


HI, List A contain sales order detail information, List B is a list of PO containing the inventory we ordered. We are unable to compare it directly to inventory is because these items will not be stock in until we download the file from the website (which happen after the comparing and checking part).
List A contain multiple sales orders, and List B could have more than 1 PO.
An example :
Order 1234 need Item A 10 pieces, then we might need a few POs in order to fulfil this request, so the checking will be download all the PO detail, filter unnecessary items, compare quantity to check whether able to fulfil or not.

I tried with 3 message boxes, but these message boxes not showing up at the same time.
Is invoke workflow file work differently?


It might depends on UiPath version, it will work. Can you try the following sample?

img20210903-6 (4.3 KB)

(In 20.10.8 this works well)


Thank you very much for this, I tried with my way of testing.
I have these 2 workflows, which doing exactly same thing, [Invoke 1] delay 2 seconds and [invoke 2] delay 10 seconds, after the delay, will write line, and increase the count by 1, do while the count is less than 10.

And below is the result.

I think somehow it will run the whole process for 1 round, then if the delay condition meet, it loop again, then when the 10 second finish, it go to [invoke 2].

which mean it has to finish 1 task, then proceed to 2nd task, which doesn’t really parallel for me.

Besides, by running parallel this way, i’m afraid it will adding more cache and load to the process and crash the workflow.

Hi @leewaikit ,

Instead of putting this in parallel you can change your approach.

If you are using loop to compare data then you can give if condition inside loop where it will refresh your browser with the duration of 5 min.


Thank you for sharing your attempt.
If possible, can you try Isolated option of Invoke workflow? Is it same result?

As parallel activity provides pseudo-parallel processing basically, need some work to achieve your requirement.


HI Manoj,

Thank you very much for the suggestion, do you mind to elaborate more on, how to achieve a sort of count down function with an IF condition within a loop?
As of I know, the only count down is using “Delay” but it serve as a single function, if to put this in the workflow, the workflow will stop and delay as per the time set.

Hi Yoichi,

Thank you very much for the suggestion, I tried the Isolated option, need to tick for both invoke, seems like it works, i will try a few more test to test it out, thank you very much.
(Invoke2 has 10 seconds delay while Invoke1 has 2 seconds)

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Hi @leewaikit,

Try below approach, it will refresh browser in every 10 min

Hi Manoj,

Thank you very much for providing another possible solution

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