Parallel Activity

I have a data table with 10,000 rows - each row is different. Each row needs to go through a workflow that performs various parsing and data extractions based on the row. My current process involves separating the original data table rows into 8 separate data tables - based on number of records in each data table; no other logic is used. Then I use the parallel activity and process each data table through the same workflow. This works very well.

What I have noticed is that one table may finish faster then the other due to the amount of time it takes to go through the work for the rows in that data table. To make this process more efficient, I want to create a way that each row can be fed into one of the 8 data tables and then once the row finishes, it retrieves the next available row. Is this possible?

Do you have orchestrator? Do you have multiple robots? If so, that’s exactly what the Queue functionality is meant for.

If not, it is pretty difficult to achieve exactly what you’re looking for.

Even without multiple robots you could still achieve this by doing the parallel activities like you mentioned. It would simply grab the info from orchestrator instead of from the datatable

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