Parallel http request from datatable

Hello everybody.
I have a question for you.
I have a csv file containing >10.000 rows.
My goal is to use an api for each row of this csv.

If i use the standard logic to read csv and create datatable and after use for each row and inside use http request activity the time consuming of this project is very very long.

It’s not possible to use a sort of parallel activity for http request.
Like 4 or 5 http request in the same time to deacrese time?
Do you have some idea??

thanks a lot


If it’s unnecessary to use UiAutoamtion in your process, we can run this as Background process.
It might work for you because multiple background processes can be launched at same time.


You’re processing 10,000+ rows and performing steps for each row. That’s going to take time. You can’t expect it not to. The way you process faster is running multiple Jobs, all pulling from a Queue. So your dispatcher should read the CSV file and create items in a queue. Then your performers pull from the queue and do the HTTP and other steps.