Terminate entire execution when element exists


How to terminate entire process execution when an element is found. My code consists multiple workflows. it has to stop execution of current and next workflows as well when this element is found. Can someone help?

Hello @Sirisha_Siri

You can use element exists and a if condition.

If element exists the result will be “True”(the variable consider as “elementCheck”). In the if activity (if(elementCheck=“True”)
Then, Log message and end the execution
else, it has to proceed with all other steps.

so in the Else sequence you need to add all other workflows and process.

Hey @Sirisha_Siri

Element Exist or Check App State should be used for the same.


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  • Take element exists activity to check for that element
  • If that condition is True then use Terminate Workflow activity which terminates the current execution
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