Package Publishing Issue

Hi everyone,
When I am trying the publish a package, I am always getting this error message. After 5-10 try, I’ll be able to publish my project. Is there anyone knowing how can I fix it permanently?
"the process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process "


Make sure no file in the project is opened somewhere

I have checked, any project file was not open. Even try to restart Uipath completely bu it did not work on the first try

Try these steps but not sure it works,

  1. Delete all the files in temp folder and try again to publish.
  2. Delete the project.json file ans open studio and try again to publish.

Why do you use the temp folder for your project? Please try again with a regular path like Desktop or documents…

Actually, I am not using temp at all. I have picked the desktop but error messages that always come like that. It is also strange

Whenever I need to publish again, I’ll try this. For now I barely published in 58. try of publishing

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