Package cannot be deleted. Deployment settings may be invalid. (#1005)

Hi everyone,

I want to delete an old version of one custom library that we created internally. The current version is 1.3.6 and I would like to delete the Version 1.3.5 as in the picture below:

However, we got the error: Package cannot be deleted. Deployment settings may be invalid.

I checked our current Settings/Deployment at Tenant level and we have set libraries as “Only host feed”. When I change it to “Both host and tenants feeds”, all the libraries do not appear in the tab Packages/Libraries. Is this change to “Both host and tenants feeds” needed to delete the library versions? If so, why will all libraries disappear in the tab Packages/Libraries?.

Our orchestrator version is: Orchestrator 2021.10.4
We used only one Modern Folder.

Tks in advance for your help

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HI @sergio85

Check out this thread

Tks @Gokul001. I could not see a valid resolution for my case. Tks anyway.

@sergio85 This may help

You need to access the Host tenant Orchestrator with admin user and delete from there the not needed library version as from what I see you stored them there.

Let us know if this helped.

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tks so much for your help. It works. I had a misunderstanding between Tenant and Host. Do you know maybe how to import automatisch all the libraries from Host to our current tenant?.

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