Deleting a library in orchestrator


How does one delete a library package in the orchestrator?

The documentation on says “Note that you can only delete a library at host level.” What does this mean?

The pictures in the documentation also show that you can select different versions and then remove the packages. However, I do not have the possibility to select any of the library packages in my orchestrator, the checkboxes aren’t there (see image below). Any reason why this should happen?


For a workaround I know it is possible to erase the package .nupkg files from the server directly and they consequently disappear from orchestrator too, but I have no access to that server directly.


Host level is the user who can create tenants, the super user. You can delete libraries at that instance.


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Hi ,

How can we assign an user to super host role?

As far as I know, user and password to login at host level are given by UiPath vendor team once you receive you license key after the purchase.

The question is about removing the library, not the package. Is there a way to remove the library? I have the same question.


When you install the UiPath Orchestrator Platform, by default there is a Super User account as mentioned by @Juan_Felipe_Carvajal.

In order to log into this account and delete Libraries, you must have Tenants Enabled in the web.config file (Shown here) that exists on the server hosting your Orchestrator.

Once that is done, as far as I’m aware you just log in with the Super User account on the Host Tenant. In this Tenant you will be able to view and delete Libraries that exist across multiple tenants.

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I am using the Community edition. I don’t see an option to delete a library after I go to it from packages and then the libraries tab.

As far as I’m aware Community Edition does not support Tenants, and therefore does not have a “Host Tenant”.

I would assume your account would be the Super User in the Community Edition Orchestrator they provided, and would thus be able to delete Libraries, etc. But they may have the Super User account reserved in Community Edition.

If this is the case, it’s likely you will not be able to delete Libraries from your Orchestrator Host Feed if you’re using Community Edition.

I am the admin for my community edition orchestrator. May be they don’t let you delete libraries in Comm Edition.

I’m inclined to believe you just can’t delete them on Community as well.

But one thing to note, Admin Account =/= Super User Account. In the Enterprise Edition, the Super User Account is a special account that is established when you host the Orchestrator on your designated server (Inhouse/UiPath Cloud), it is one-of-a-kind and you cannot elevate other user’s privileges to the level of Super User, however, you can match a user’s privileges to an Admin’s.


There are two ways of deleting a library

  1. If the tenant’s Library has been set up for Host feed then the library must be deleted via the Host tenant.
  2. If the tenant’s Library has been set up for Tenant feed then the library must be deleted via the tenant where the library resides, as long as they have the correct role or responsiblity.

I hope this helps.

Can you confirm whether or not the Community Edition has access to the host tenant or tenants at all? I used Community for around a month and don’t remember that functionality being offered at all, but to be fair it wasn’t really on my radar at the time.

@mike.vansickle I don’t think we can publish libraries to host within Community Edition of Orchestrator if memory serves correctly. We will need someone to confirm that we can not publish it to the Host library.

You can change the setting for Libraries to Tenant at which point you can publish your Libraries to your tenant. I hope that answers your question.

Hi @tuokyh ,I deleted .nupkg files from server but they didin’t deleted from orchesrator.

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