Overwhelming Tiles on the New UiPath Assistant User Interface

I was wondering when I would be impacted by the real-world implications of the latest look and feel of the UiPath Assistant. And I felt it today from my Business users.

The question was, why would we go from something intuitive, organized and compact such as this?

To something like this that spreads to more than half the width area of a normal business user laptop with a 15-inch screen?!

In our case, there is a series of Attended Automations that need to be executed in a particular order after many human decisions between each of them. Therefore we named them all beginning with the letter “R”. And this worked beautifully with the older versions when all favorite automations were grouped together with that :star: icon.

And now, in the new version, they all looks like this! The big letters in the Square tiles completely take away the power of grouping favorites separate from the others.


If I add each of the 6 Automations to the launch pad, all of the squares have a big “R” on them and they literally hypnotize the end users and confuses the heck out of them! :open_mouth:

In the second screen shot above, I’m trying to soften this effect by renaming the automations beginning with numbers instead of letters, but even that to a certain extent is confusing. Besides, the users have to spread out the UiPath assistant just to access their favorite Automations.

Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Favorites are something that must be quickly accessible and if users want something less favorable, they can open up the UI to access rest of the automations.

Is there some way the favorites icon could be brought back into the latest version so that we could group favorites from the rest of the crowd?


Hi @AndyMenon,
Thanks for feedback. Assistant is still a young tool and it’s evolving :slight_smile: I see some good points here which I hope will reach the right PM and team. I pushed it to our internal tracker.

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Sweet! Such responsiveness to your customers is what makes UiPath a strong company. I have always mentioned that at work.

Hope that this UI is definitely improved upon.

Cheers :+1: :slight_smile:

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I was able to get around this (for now) by organizing our Automations in a way that’s acceptable to the Business team as shown below. But this will work as long as there is only one group of Automations. If another group is added, the numerical sorting will be disrupted.

Which makes me think if there is a way to add Groups and then move our automations into those groups so that their sorting/grouping remains isolated within that group. Something similar to what we do on the Windows Start Menu:


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Hi @AndyMenon,

Thanks for the feedback. You could create multiple groups in the right pane in this way:

Hopefully, this works for you.


This is really useful. Thanks for pointing this out. I will get back to my business teams with this update.
If there is a way to do this on the left (always-visible) pane, that would be awesome! :slight_smile:

Thanks much!

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