Output data table issue

Hi All ,

I am using excel read range activity to read excel sheet which is having huge amount of data.why i am not able to read that sheet??

Thanks in advance.


Please tell us what error are you getting? Make sure the sheet name is correct in the Read Range Activity!

Could you Please share the workflow and the error you are receiving if any.

Hi please check if you have checked preserve formatting. If yes then uncheck that option and try.
Alternatively you can try the custom activity created by @radu_bucur for your case.


what will happen if we will checked the preserve formatting while reading excel sheet.
Could you please Explain

Having preserve formatting checked will keep the formatting of excel data.
Selecting the PreserveFormat box might cause performance issues on large ranges and make your workflow slower.This happens because once this check box is selected, the cells are read one by one, instead of being read in bulk.