Something went wrong with Outlook

Hi, I am still having issues with the Outlook sending email. I have checked the plugins and started Outlook first than UiPath. Still getting this error. Any thoughts???

Something went wrong with Outlook .
Activity Send Outlook Email ( Send Mail X ) failed:

Value cannot be null. Parameter name: address

You can find the activity following this path:

Main > Use Outlook Account > Send Outlook Email.


Outlook account: {x:Null}

@Scott_C can you pls share a screenshot of your automation?

Thanks for taking a look bogdanripa!

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If you open the email account drop-down - where it says “default email account” you should see your email address. Can you please select it and retry?

I think that is the issue. It does not show my email address in the drop down. I was wondering if there is some configurations need to connect to Outlook.
Maybe my work firewall is blocking it??

check that the data file and the account name are named the same, case sensitive also