Outlook Mail error

I am getting error inside outlook mail message. can you please check.

I am getting error. Can anybody suggest me for this

can you share some more details about this what you are doing and in which condition you are getting error

Here i am sending mail.

Here i am sending mail to other mails .

are you attaching any file or data?

Yes i am attatching the data

Yes, i am attatching the data.

can anybody help me on this issue.

Hi @venkateshcheeni09

Here is the Sample workflow
Mail1.xaml (6.2 KB)


Its not at all running in my laptop.
Can you check once from your end and tell me what is the issue with my outlook mail message activity.


  • Update the Outlook mail message activity
  • It’s running well

No Its not at all working.

Can you share the workflow @venkateshcheeni09

I am sharing entire workflow. please resolve the issue.

If you any further information, I will provide you.

the files you are attaching is available on source path or not

check the file path first

Yes they are available in source path.

can you share the workflow file?

I have shared Entire workflow