Outlook Mail error

share the xaml file if possible so i can check on my machine

Ok i am sharing Xaml File.
Sql_Automation.xaml (77.5 KB)

Manish Can you please check this work flow also.
FSM_Automation.xaml (69.7 KB)


can you help here

Yes Tell me where i need to help

i have called @postwick to help you on this issue


Have you got the reply or did you resolved the issue which i had posted.

The error is telling you what the problem is. The path you have given it for attachment does not exist, or is not accessible to the user that’s running the automation.

same thing i thought

@venkateshcheeni09 please check the path and check bot is able to access the path or not


I have seen the path. It is correct and there is no problem


Can you please check once.


  • This means the Path does not exist.
  • Can you check the path once.
  • Update the Send Outlook Mail Message Activity.
  • Check the Outlook Mail setting



i Have verified the path two or 3 times. But i can’t able to sort out the issue from my end.

  • In Subject “Customer” is a variable → What value you are passing in it? @venkateshcheeni09
    You Want to give the email address here.

I will check once from my end.

Yes i am passing Email Address inside the variables.

I have given email address inside the variables.

Dear @venkateshcheeni09,

Try to write the body as text file, and then get variable, so it is a plain text. After that, use the variables you are using in Outlook activities, but delete the click on HTML Body:


I hope it helps!!


Could you please tell me clearly, I am unable to understand what you said to me.