Outlook Date Filter

How to add Date filter from passing Config Key or else passing Variables in Get outlook mail messages activity.
I tried this scenarios.But i’m not getting output.
“[ReceivedTime]<= ’ " + “07/20/2018” + " ’ AND [ReceivedTime]>= ’ " + “06/19/2018” + " ’” (Don’t want hardcode the value.)

“[ReceivedTime]<=’”+(Config(“ToDate”).ToString)+“’ AND [ReceivedTime] >=’”+(Config(“FromDate”).ToString)+“’” (Here i’m fetching the ToDate and FromDate through configFile. But This scenario not woking.)

I need to fetch the FromDate and ToDate value through Config file Or else any another options is there.


May be convert the string into DateTime variable and try to use in the filter condition.

Please check the below thread once -


Hii Karthik
I solved that issue

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Hi, from seeing the screenshot, I think ToDate and FromDate are variable but you put them in double quotes.

If they are variable then you have to remove them from double quotes or else they will work as a String .