Outlook Automation Question

Hi all,

For attaching a file to an outlook email, is there a way to do it without specifying the file in the path? I am using the “Attach Files” option in “Send Outlook Mail Message” Activity. For example, i have a folder where attachments will be sent to, and i need to attach the correct attachment to the correct email. The problem is that I can only attach something when I include the specific file in the path (I get an error if I only point to the folder location), which doesn’t work for me because I will be attaching a different file for every email.
Does anyone know how I could, for example, only attach the most recent attachment uploaded to the folder to an email? Looking for any solution here. Hoping that isn’t a limitation to this attach files capability

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I do not fully understand your situation but if you need to iterate through a large folder of attachments for each email it seems slow as well as going based off the last time the file was modified is another potential breaking point. Is it reasonable to create subdirectories each with one file in them and label those subdirectories in a manner that you could quickly reference their location for each email? email addresses are unique so you wouldn’t even need a look up table. Then every so often run a process to archive old files.