How to attach a file in outlook email

Hi All,

How do I attach a file present at some location on my PC in “Send Outlook Mail Message” activity?


in attach files you have got column value. You need to specify location there. The other columns you can leave as default.


Thanks Rafal for the quick response.

I am facing similar issue. How do i send attachment using send outlook mail.

Passing only the location will not work as it is a string array.:

@Mallika hi…
When you are putting something in between double quotes, that itself is a string… pls remove . tostring and try again…

From your previous screenshot I could see that this activity is custome one…
Try (“attachment_path”)

Mallika, instead of taking file path as a string… please change it as a string or generic value property.
error will go off. hope my inputs are useful

I am not sure if it is custom, but i see the activity in my version.

the attachment data type has defaulted as string . I have not created any.
Even if i change it to string , the error remains


You just have to surround your string “myString” with brackets like this :

The brackets says it’s a 1-dimentionnal array. If you want to put more than one file juste separate strings with commas :
{“C:\logFile.txt”, “C:\Exceptions.log” }