How do i attach different files for different emails for send outlook mail?

Hi guys, im not sure how do i attach the different files for the different email because i use the for each row and it will send to all emails but when attaching the file it is all the same. I want to send different files for the different emails. Pls help

Attached pictures is for your reference…Thank you!!


I suggest putting the pathways to the files in column K then within the for each send attachment 1 to email 1 etc

so you are saying use multiple send outlook message instead?

Put the send out look message activity inside the for each along with the variables of the email address and the attachment. Then inside the outlook activity invoke the variables of the email address and attachment then it will send dynamically throughout the spreadsheet.

i got error but im not sure what u are suggesting to do…:((

Youre doing it correctly, it will work if the pathway to that file exists

I used the same pathway as the one i did before tho

Is there other ways instead of adding new columns because i dont wan to add new ones

Not particularly as you need a way of looking up and linking the email address to the corresponding file

Ahh i see so other than using the currentrow(pathway).tostring for example like the one i did. I need to use multiple send outlook and attach the files differently?

if you do not want to use a for each with the pathway stored in the spreadsheet yes

Alrite seems like it

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