Outlook Automation - I want to automatically open locally saved outlook emails and save and export their zip file

I currently have a locally stored folder of 50+ outlook emails which each have a zipped file I want to download, extract, and change the file type ***.unl to ***.dsv.

I was able to build a basic workflow to where it will:

  1. Open the folder
  2. Open the email
  3. Save the zip attachment
  4. extract it to the proper place
  5. and move the original file to a designated location
    (above I mentioned I want to change the file type but I have not gotten that far to attempt that part)

I am currently stuck on an odd error. Basically I can run the workflow on the original email and everything works; however, when I move to the next email it opens the email but is unable to locate the email attachment. (I’m confused because it is able to open the email but not locate the attachment, even though its the same format :/)

If anyone could help steer me in the right direction it would be a huge help!

Let me give a try… Please provide me with some samples

I am a new user and unable to attach any files :confused:

You can easily re-create this by emailing yourself a zipped file, save the file locally and repeat it 5 times. Then run UI path to open, save, unzip the files into a new folder.