Outlook Attachments Not Found

Hi Community!

I use Get Outlook Mail Message output MailsMsgs and get the email count and subject lines. All works well.

MailMsgs variable type is List

I use For Each
argument System.Net.Mail.Message
For Each item in MailMsgs

I have 5 attachments and all are zip folders.

I’ve use message boxes for item.attachments.count.tostring and item.attachment.any and both produce 0.

Can anyone please help me figure out why Outlook cannot identify the attachments?

Thank you!

Hello @Jessica_Moseley,

I used the same what you did and for me I get results for Zip files.

I am using the last version of UiPath stable version, with UiPath Email activities 1.9.3

If not working like this, can you share a screenshot?


I am using version 2018.4.6 and cannot update. Same with UiPath.Mail.Activities v1.3.0