Get outlook mail message is not reading attachment


I am using “Get Outlook mail message” activity. There are 3 attachments in an email (.png, .pdf, .xlsx files). After that activity executes, it is not finding the attachments.
NewEmails(0).attachments.count = 0

for the same email, if I use “Get IMAP mail messages” activity, it is reading attachments correctly. Is this any dependency version issue or uipath version issue or any other issue?

UiPath version: 2020.10.2 community
Uipath.Mail.Activities: 1.9.3

Hi @vigneshnkv
That should do ideally, here is the screenshot that is giving output for me…


I would ask you to check if you are reading the appropriate mail… As you said that is already Read mail… Make sure “OnlyUnreadMessages” property unchecked…

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