Outlook | Always open the latest mail with a double click

Hi everyone,

how can I make sure that the robot always open the latest mail in Outlook with a double click?


I tried it with the Double Click Activity and that worked. But when there is a new Mail in the same Folder, the robot will open the old mail again.

Thank you for your time & help

Hi @PaulMo ,

Can you please let me know why you want to click on the outlook emails and what you will do once latest email get opened?

I am asking this if their any mail specific task then we can use outlook activites.


Hi @ermanoj3101,

After I open the newest Mail → Get Text of the E-Mail Form and store the text in variables.

Hi @PaulMo ,

Have you tried this from activities.
Reading mails from outlook activity and getting whole text from mail body and then retrieve value from that text.

Also please share your click selector if you want to go with the approach that you are doing.


Hi @ermanoj3101,

at first I open Outlook → Then Click on the Folder “Neue Formulare” → Then Double Click on the Mail on Top. But when there is a new Mail on top → still opens the same email. I tried to store the message first in a variable and then I tried string manipulation.


Can you share the selector of click that is failing ?

Try to use selector similar to this, it’s working for me.

tableCol And Row is always 0 here

Nothing failed. It works fine. The only problem is that the folder receives for example every hour a new email. Now the Bot should open the new form but robot opens the same form as before (the one from the double-click aktivity screenshot)

You make sure below steps impended in you code for this activity

1 - When bot clicks first time are you closing that form once action done for that form.

2 Make sure it s double clicking first item.

3 - Try to reopen your outlook for every action and then try (Not best approach)

4 - Check your selectors once on run time, when bot opens it second time then stop the bot their and do highlight on the activity.

I have tried on my system it’s first mail on click even when fresh mail arrives.


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