Input/Out parameter issue

Hi, Just a small query I have assigned the BoolVar = True before the Try Catch
in the Catch I have defined BoolVar = Flase

But this BoolVar result I want to use in the Output parameter, Please how can I defined.
BoolVar check condition I want to use in the another workflow.

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@balkishan In the invoke workflow arguments create arguments and pass variable


@balkishan i answer to your private Message Here, so the discussion is transparent to all.

Lets assume following:
Xaml A calls xaml b
Xaml b calculates the boolvar as per screenshot from above and Returns IT
Xaml A calls xaml c and Passes the boolvar as in_argument

Xaml A defines a variable - varCondResult
Xaml B defines as an out_Argument out_excelCond
At the end of xaml B do the assignment to out_excelCond with the calculates result of boolVar
Xaml A invokes xaml B and receives the returned out_excelCond. This will Be assigned to xaml A variable varCondResult
Invoke of xaml c can Pass again varCondResult as an predefined Argument EG in direction


Hi @balkishan
You were almost done
Just two steps
We can directly create a OUT argument in the Arguments panel Named as out_excelcond of type Boolean
—now in the assign activity you have instead of excelcond mention this argument in the left side of assign activity
Similarly in the catch block as well

—that’s all now we can call those out arguments with invoke workflow file activity and assign that to a global variable (that is a variable created in the main xaml with global scope) and can be used in any Workflow we need

Hope this would help you
Cheers @balkishan