Out of Screen Bounds Exception

Sequence is creating above exception in the below project.
Main.xaml (50.9 KB)
Even if it is running well done the output of screenshot in the excel sheet attatched below is too big according to the cell.
ExtractedDataforGDPfinal.xlsx (9.3 KB)
Can you please explain how can I resolve both of the problems?

what issue you facing while? tell in detail, attach project with dependency

I’ve seen this issue recently, might be a bug. Switching from “simulate” to “hardware events” fixed it.

problem is fixed, thank you.

but I have seen one more problem I want to take multiple screenshots by browser but the take screenshot activity is not taking multiple screenshots and save the screenshots in particular cells of the excel sheet for example cell A2,A3,A4… but the size of screenshots is coming too big in excelsheet how can i resolve this problem.

The size of Screenshots is too big.

take screenshot activity problem.
Main.xaml (56.3 KB)
This is my Min.xaml file.

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