Out of memory exception

Hello all,

I am trying to add a package by clicking on the package manager on the actiivites pane, but it’s throwing this error.
I have uninstalled uipath, I have run cc cleaner, I have manually delete the files in %programdata%, prefetch temp files , I have restored the computer to a provious state. and it keeps throwing me this error… :frowning:

does anyone has anyclue on how to fix this, perhaps this has to do more with framework libraries on my pc?

after exploring the exception on net this is what i found.Hope this might help you.
Two points:

1.If you are running a 32 bit Windows, you won’t have all the 4GB accessible, only 2GB.
2.Don’t forget that the underlying implementation of List is an array. If your memory is heavily fragmented, there may not be enough contiguous space to allocate your List, even though in total you have plenty of free memory.
our memory is fragmented and the allocator cannot find a big enough hole to allocate the needed memory.

1.You can try to work with /3GB.
2.Or switch to 64 bit OS.
3.Or modify the algorithm so it will not need a big chunk of memory. maybe allocate a few smaller (relatively) chunks of memory.

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What and where needs to be done exactly ?