System out of memory Exception

I’m getting the System out of memory exception. My screen is frozen. I’ll restart, but anyone know any particular tricks on clearing up some space in the memory during run time? My variables are kind of stored all over the place at the moment. What I’m wondering is, what data types take up the most memory in Uipath or I guess. The error I got did say something about the find children activity. Is there a way to clear out the find children data? Or I don’t know. Is something getting stacked up, that I should be clearing out?

Check for endless loops or loop equivalents (i.e. LINQ calls that loop on themselves erronously). They’re the most probable causes.
For FindChildren I’ve been iterating collections of a couple hundred elements in the past (carefully, but doable), so that shouldnt be a stopper in itself.

In general unless you read huge files or try to directly iterate very deep Ui tree you shouldnt have these. ‘Manual’ memory clean up in. Net is rarely needed these days.

If you suspect a part, isolate it to separate workflow and test. If it is really that, post the code and its purpose and community should be able to propose an alternate solution.

Also, see if debug and normal runs provide different results. Local inspector can eat up a ton of memory sometimes.

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Yeah, I’m just going to clean up the variables scope, everything is pretty much global at the moment. I’m sure that doesn’t help. Thank you. If I find anything else I’ll post.

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