Uipath Crases

Hi Tam,

I have developed a script where I am taking 50 files and I am processing them One by one but after processing few files the Uipath is Crashing and giving an error "System out of memory "

Please suggest us the solution because its very important automated process for us .

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Deepak Shreevastav

Is this occurring randomly or at a specific spot in the script?
Have you monitored where your Memory usage is at during the process? (if UiStudio or UiRobot get over 2mb used, you will have problems)
Have you checked how much C: drive storage space is available?
Is this run on a local Laptop or a server/VM and have you tried another machine?
How many user ids are connected to the server while it is running? Try signing them out.
Also, check the Windows Event Viewer which will show you all the errors which you can reference.

Maybe those questions will help pinpoint a hardware or software issue if that’s the case.

Actually, as I’m typing this, I remember I am having the same problem with one of our processes, and after several days with UiPath Support we ended up concluding that it was caused by server performance and with too many user ids connected. The same process works on another server just fine. I still think it’s something UiPath is doing but server performance is something to atleast consider.


describe better the process, what type of files

Thanks ClaytonM,

No there is not any specific place where I am getting this error yesterday I was running the process for 167 pdf file but after executing 57 pdf file I got a pop up saying " Uipath Robot service has stopped working check the windows online solution " its a local laptop and only one user is using it.

Client Just informed us that it is happening after 1.5 hrs they have seen this twice.


I hope you are using PDF reading module as a separate xaml, if not please create a xaml file which will have the read pdf functionality and invoke the workflow in your for loop.

If possible try to have a look at your Uirobot.exe process memory consumption in Task manager while executing, I have observed things like, when the Uirobot.exe process is consuming more than 800 Mb of memory then you get system out of memory exception.

I usually had such issues when there is single workflow and all the activities are performed within the same workflow, and even I had to use Garbage collection method(System.GC()) in order to avoid memory leakage and free up the unused objects.


HI Samnan,

Thanks fr your reply.
However we are not reading any data from the PDF files but we are just Uploading it as an attachment on a website.

Yesterday the Same popup " Uipath Robot service has stopped working" came and I just cancelled that POP Up and it started working from the same place where it was stuck…

Any suggestion from your Side for this problem?

Hey Deepak,

Did you check the memory consumption for UiRobot.exe in taskbar ?

its 57.7 mb

Hi Deepak, Did you got any solution for this. I getting this error for sometimes.