Orchestrator v20.10 Cannot Open The Login Page

Fix when Orchestrator 20.10 cannot open the login page.

Issue Description: Orchestrator 20.10 cannot open the login page.
Example: In the middle of upgrading Staging Environment from 19.10.17 to 20.10 with a multi node environment. Installation is successful in both nodes. But it is not possible to access Orchestrator through URL. Following error is obtained {message"en error occured","error_code";0;resourceids:"null}.

Resolution: Perform the below

  1. Go to AppPools and verify if Webhooks and Identity are running as ApplicationPoolIdentity
  2. Verify individual node by changing binding setting
Example: Access to /Identity works for node 02, but not for node 01. Verify the AppPools. Webhooks, Identity running on a service user on node 02.
  1. Copy the same service user on node 01
  2. Ensure the DNS is properly configured to route the traffic to LB and target nodes
  3. Revert the binding setting to have the load balancer URL and add the new binding with the 443 without LB.
  4. Orchestrator login shall now be successful.