After installation of orchestrator .Unable to get login page

After installation of orchestrator .Unable to get login page .Unknown error in URL … Showing message like Error to many redirects .Try cookies clear …Can anyone please give me the solution .
Ps : met all the requirements checked it and also identity server config and orchestrator pool running on Custom account .

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hi @Vijay_RPA
Try This ///

  • Restart IIS
  • Check your Port Binding is correct
  • Check ("//Localhost") on your server and what is the respond (is it displaying IIS at least)
  • Check your proxy / network layers / antivirus are blocking your orchestrator url
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Restart IIs have done many times …Will check remaining things …Thank you :slight_smile:

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sure , let us know the status , we will here to help you

Turned off firewall settings and also Checked localhost (it is refused to connect) .Checked bindings too … Don’t know what’s the reason …Am just trying out new version in Windows server 2016 …Wonna try single node and then multi node .I can send the RDP and if it is ok mail id plz … can you please look into this …