Could several teams share only one unattended Robot with Orchestrator basic?

Hi guys,

I and my department face a problems that we’re wondering whether several Teams can share 1 Unattended Robot with Orchestrator Basic/ or Standard?

And if it works, how could those users to activate their process through the robot?

  1. Could they send the instruction to the Robot?
  2. or the only way is using scheduling depend on the OC setting?

Also, I 'm not quite understand the difference between using standard or basic version of Orchestrator.
Could anyone explain it more clearly?
I search that except the maximum number of Robots/Studios, it’s limited to a single tenant which i’m not clearly understood. i’m appreciated if someone could explain it with clearer description or with sample.

If I describe not so clear, please let me know
I’ll try my best to provide more information to clarify the problem.

Thanks in advance.