Orchestrator - Trigger Columns

Regarding UiPath Orchestrator Triggers, it would be very helpful to be able to add a data point from the robot in the columns to differentiate between the job and help identify the items.

Is there a way to do this currently? I know there is a way to add a data point to the Job Details but I am not aware of a way to add to the columns.
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Hi @shon.harsh

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Would you mind elaborating a bit, mostly:

  • how would you attach the data to the job
  • what types of data would you like to display here

I am referring to a data point that is used during the workflow processing. For example, a identifier or RecId from a transaction that is in the custom workflow created by a developer.

This is similar to an out argument in the main.xaml. That out argument would work except that it cannot be set to be visible from the Trigger or overview.

The main frustration is easily finding records in the Trigger page and not having unique data to link to the workflow record. Drilling into each record to see this identifier data is not a good user experience.


Thank you for more context. I saved it all in our internal ideas tracker for our Orchestrator team to consider in the future versions :slight_smile: