How to extract Trigger Information with Execution Target included from Orchestrator

Is there a way to easily export all of the information from the “Triggers” page of Orchestrator along with the associated “Execution Target” - preferably into a excel spreadsheet where additional process information can be added for external documentation?

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Maybe Orchestrator REST API will help along with a conversion into a report structure. Did you checked so far the ProcessSchedules Endpoint?

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@gconn did you ever utilize the api to get this info?

A couple suggestions on how you can discover what end points to call

  1. While using a Network/Traffic inspector of your browser, perform the actions in the WebUI and review the requests that are made to the API
  2. Review the Swagger documentation https://<orchestrator>/swagger/
  3. Review Orchestrator API documentation, they may have examples in there Building API Requests
  4. Check out the UiPath Postman Collection for possible examples -

provides the Model details and an example body payload.

In addition to that, UiPath has a somewhat maintained PowerShell Module UiPath.PowerShell available with documentation and source code on Github, would be worth a look to see if it has a cmdlet for Triggers.