Skipping a job from Orchestrator when an error is found

Hello everyone.

I have multiple jobs in an Orchestrator.

There can potential be problems with a job. When a certain action is attempted on the UI, I need to ensure that if there is an error, a message is thrown, the job is skipped and the next one gets processed.

I have tried so far using a Try Catch by putting my activity that could throw the error in the Try, and using a Throw in the Catch to give a custom error message.

However, I would need something in my Catch, after throwing the message, that could allow me skip the rest of the process and move onto the next job.

How can this be done?


in catch we can use TERMINATE WORKFLOW activity so that current job will be killed and continues with the rest of job…
but ensure that other jobs are not called in the same project or process

Cheers @largedoggies