Orchestrator status from New to Retried


I noticed that when I use Get Transaction Item and if the process fails due to System error, the Queue is getting added with a new item with status Retried rather than updating the same item in the queue.Is there any special reason that it creates a new item without updating the status of the New item to Retried?


Usually when a item fails due to application or system error the item will be marked manually for retry. As a result, a new queue item with the New status is created. This is displayed in the Items Details window of the indicated transaction.

For more details on this kindly have a view on this

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Hi @Asiri

Usually in queue items, if the processing fails the item will be marked as failed. However, if auto retry is enabled, the item will be automatically marked as retried. And a copy of that item is created again with the new status. All the references of the main item to it’s own retired items will be shown as you see in your screenshot. It is designed in that way because we need to keep track of all failed, retired items along with the info of their each retry attempt :slight_smile:

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