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In Interview they asked this question, what’s the best way to answer
Getting mail with subject line, need to add queue and process.
Here it is we don’t know when we get mail.

My answer was,
I will create dispatcher and performer
In dispatcher it will read mail and add to queue
And I will be using queue based trigger so that In Orchestrator It will add 5 items available to run the performer.

But they asked like dispatcher will be always checking any new mail and it will be running continously.They dont want that

So, I have asked like will check with business how frequent we may receive mails and according will schedule dispatcher bot like 1hrs or 2hrs.

but said, business will not be knowing. We may get any time…

Whats the best way to answer for this type Scenario questions.

Thank you…

Hi @Sharanabasava

May be I think I would be answering this question the below way:

For handling incoming emails with unpredictable arrival times, I would configure a dispatcher bot to run on a time-based trigger in UiPath Orchestrator. This trigger could be set to execute the dispatcher bot every hour. During each execution, the dispatcher would connect to the email server, check for new messages, and add them to a queue within Orchestrator.

Simultaneously, a performer bot would be configured with a Queue Based Trigger. This trigger would activate the performer bot whenever new items appear in the queue. The performer bot would then process each email according to predefined business logic, such as extracting relevant data and updating corresponding systems.


The same way I have answered…
but question is, if schedule at every 1hrs or 2hrs…machine will be running accordingly…
then machine will be dedicated to that bot?

I don’t know what there expections is

Hi @Sharanabasava

Yes it’s possible to trigger the process when we receive the mail to the Inbox or any other folder to the specific mail account. In this case, Event Triggers come into the picture.

we have Integration services in UiPath Cloud.
Open Intergration services → Go to Triggers Tab → Add Trigger → Select the connector (If you are using Outlook select the Outlook connector) → Select the Process you want to trigger in the Select automation dropdown → Click on add trigger.

Then you are redirect to a page where you can specify the filters with subject.

Coming to your case -
→ You have two processes Dispatcher and Performer.
→ Select the Dispatcher Process in Intergration service, if new mail is received with a specific subject the dispatcher will trigger and it will scrap all the data in the mail body and sent to the Queues.
→ After this we have to add the Queue trigger for the Performer. we will add trigger in queue triggers and select the performer process and select the specified queue.

After the mail received to the Inbox or any specific folder with Specific subject the dispatcher will trigger → Then it will add the queue items to queue → The performer will run after the queue items added to the specific queue.

Hope it helps!!

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You no need to time trigger the dispatcher process for every hour and one and half hour to check the mails every time. This was not a good practice.

As we suggested use the Event Triggers for Dispatcher process and queue trigger for performer process.

This will come under Unattended Automation… @Sharanabasava

Hope you understand!!


Now I got it,
Thank you Mahesh…

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It’s my pleasure… @Sharanabasava

I hope you find the solution for your query, Make my post mark as solution to close the loop.

Happy Automation!!

Can you please explain when and which scenario we need to use the Time trigger,queue trigger and event trigger in real time project with some examples??

I know orally still I need to know more.( I only used time based and queue based trigger most of the time in the projects)

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