Trouble with Should Stop Activity

I am having an issue with my current project using the Should Stop activity. My project checks for the stop request from Orchestrator and then either stops or continues based on that. However, when I stop the process is Orchestrator, the project simply continues and Orchestrator just continues to say “Stopping…”. Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this issue?

Hi @rhelgas,

I have just tested the should stop activity and in my case it is working properly.

Could you share an image of your workflow?

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This is a simplified picture of my workflow. When I send the stop request, the message box will never appear on my computer. The Should Stop activity outputs to a Boolean variable that is checked in the flow decision beneath it.

Even I am also facing same issue. any one have solution for this?

I too am facing the same issue.

I am also facing this issue. Did you get the solution?