Orchestrator setup issue -- InstallRolesAndFeatures

I am trying to setup Orchestrator on a windows 10 machine.

I was able to do all the steps in the prerequisites and the installation apart from running the script that installs roles and features.
When I run it, I get this error

PS C:\Windows\system32> C:\Users\ofdhi\Downloads\AddServerRolesAndFeatures\InstallRolesAndFeatures.ps1
Import-Module : The specified module ‘ServerManager’ was not loaded because no valid module file was found in any
module directory.
At C:\Users\ofdhi\Downloads\AddServerRolesAndFeatures\InstallRolesAndFeatures.ps1:1 char:1

  • Import-Module ServerManager -ErrorAction Stop
  •   + CategoryInfo          : ResourceUnavailable: (ServerManager:String) [Import-Module], FileNotFoundException
      + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Modules_ModuleNotFound,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.ImportModuleCommand

I understand that ServerManager module does not exist because I am not on windows server. What is the alternative then.

I am not sure if these two issues are related but I cannot see windows authentication in add or remove features nor on IIS authentication


Please assist.

Hi @Olfa_Fdhila,

Did you able to fix the issue?
If so, Can you share the steps and procedure followed to resolve it?
Even we are facing that issue.

Many Thanks,

No I was not able to fix it.

i just shifted to another machine that has windows server.

The documentation that you are providing is not adapted to windows 10 installation.



According to documentation, Windows server is a must.



Let me know if you were able to install it on Windows 10, I’m really interested.


Yes you are correct. Minimum requirement for Orchestrator installation is Windows server. We need to follow the prerequisite for installation.