Orchestrator roles for folder: Allow update processes and settings add user

Hi everyone,

we have defined several roles in our orchestrator environment and have difficulties with the role of the key user. The key user should have no or limited access to the tenant. Yet, the key user should have many rights in the folder segment.

Even if we give the user all folder rights and no tenant rights, he can’t update processes, view the version management at all, or add users to the folder.

Is there a possibility to give these rights without opening up the tenant rights such as downloading packages or more?

Thanks in advance!

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hi @PeCour
Can u send the screenshot of relevant role process permissions

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Hi thanks for your help but I can’t since I don’t know how to set them, which is my question.

The key user should be able to access a folder and:

  1. Start + Trigger processes (remove is ok)
  2. Access Version Management and update processes
  3. Monitor and explore processes.
  4. All rights on assets.
  5. Stoarage Buckets, Testing, Action Catalogue is not relevant.
  6. Settings: Be able to add a user and delete a user.

The key user should not be able:

  1. Any rights on tenant level (view might be ok)
  2. To add processes from packages.

So even if I give all folder permissions (and no tenant permissions) the user has no access to the rights mentioned above.